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KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine

basic information
Product description

1. Features of KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine

  • KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine is easy to disassemble and convenient to transport. The drilling rig has flexible arrangement, and the drilling pipe can be dismantled mechanically, which can reduce labor cost and improve work efficiency. Also the rig has infiniTely variable speeds.
  • KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine has the function of linkage. It is simple and safe to control the rig through the operation platform. The spindle of the gyration adopts the through hole structure. The length of the drill pipe is not restricted by the drilling rig, and it can also be applied to diamond wire-line coring drilling.
  • KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine uses full hydraulic operation to make the structure more reasonable to make the function more complete. It uses variable motor which has wide speed regulating range. This drilling rig applies to high speed drilling of alloy steel stone and hard alloy drilling at low speed, and it is suitable for any inclination drilling in the tunnel or surface drilling.

2. Components of KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine

The KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine adopts the structure of full hydraulic power head, and consists of three parts: main engine, pump station and operating platform.

3. Specifications of KY-150 hydraulic explortation drilling rig for metal mine

Borehole diameter


Drilling depth

150m (φ33 steel drill pipe)

120m (φ43 steel drill pipe)

150m (φ43 aluminum alloy drill pipe)

Borehole angle


Spindle speed

400-1400 r/min

Spindle output torque

87-300 n.m

Rated pull force

30 kn

Rated pull speed

> 0.3 m/s

Oil supply mode

double gear pump

Hydraulic oil mode

antiwear hydraulic oil YB-N46/YB-N32 (winter)

Motor model

manual variable motor A6V55MA

Motor specifications

Y180M-4/18.5 kw

Equipment weight

main engine166kg

pillar 40kg

operation platform 86kg

pumping station 210kg


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