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Five precautions for using a crawler drill

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Note for crawler drilling machines:
1. Always pay attention to check the water and gas pipelines. Are the bolts and nuts of each fittings firm?
2, always pay attention to check the condition of the lubricating oil of the wind motor;
3. When the working surface is immersed in water, use a large diameter bit to open the hole and insert the drill pipe so that the drill pipe is exposed to the water surface 1-2 meters to prevent the mud and slag from falling into the hole.
4. Do not allow the afternoon reversal during the drilling operation to prevent the drill pipe from falling into the hole;
5. When stopping work in a short time, a small amount of pressure should be given to prevent the sand from invading the inside of the rig impactor. If the rig is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2 meters away from the bottom of the hole;